Social media

There is a huge number of social media platforms out there today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and more. With so many options, how do you know what platforms are right for your company?

The “right” platforms depend heavily on your company and the demographic you are looking to hit. For companies that are service based and looking to reach more mature adults, Facebook may be the best choice for your company. A company that offers products such as clothing, jewelry, or electronics, a photo heavy service such as Instagram would be perfect to pair with Facebook for your company. It is rare that we recommend clients use SnapChat but if your company is aiming for the younger teen demographic, SnapChat is a perfect platform.

Why can’t I do them all?

You definitely can do them all. If you think that your company could benefit from using all social media platforms, we would never say no to that. Just be cautioned that if you start using one, you have to continue using it. It is worse to have a dead social media page for your business than not having a social media page at all. Also remember that it does take time to get content for these services. You are going to need to set aside time every week to put together posts for each of these social media services.

You do need it!

Regardless of what service you choose, you do need social media. Even if it is just a Facebook, you need to have some presence on social media. Clients build trust through social media interactions and while you may never get an actual sale from the use of Facebook, it will let clients interact directly with your company and build a relationship.