With responsive web design your website can easily adapt to display on any modern device.
From smartphones, tablets, desktops, and televisions.

1.) Responsive (Mobile) Design is no longer an exception but a standard

Just about everyone uses a mobile device.. or 3. As we look around we see not only people using smart phones but using them excessively. There are over 1.2 billion using mobile devices to access the web, which translates into over 80% of all internet users, using their mobile devices. I think you would be safe to say that not marketing to, or being mobile friendly with, mobile users would be a detriment to your business.

2. Responsive Web Design is expected by consumers as well as Google

With the above statistics, I think you could imagine why consumers have come to expect your site to show on any and all of their mobile devices. If you aren't what they expect they WILL go elsewhere, literally with a click of a finger.

3.) You’ll make your customers much happier

Your website will look great and function well on any device or screen size for that matter. From smartphones, tablets, desktops, and televisions.

4.) Google May Penalize You if You Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Search engines rank your site and will list your in their search results accordingly. Google provides search engine results free of charge. Users are used to using search engines such as Google. Google keeps its users happy by providing relevant, authoritative, and user/device friendly links to what the users searches for.

5.) It helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Mobile-Friendly Websites Rank Higher simply because it is more user friendly. With everyone having smartphones, and constantly using them to search. Imagine what it would be like if every site you clicked on, off of a Google results page, from your mobile device lead you to a page that was not reformatting to your device. Would you use a different search engine? Google as well as other search engines don't want to find out. Simply put, your website will rank higher if it’s mobile-friendly.

6.) It helps you build credibility

Not just online, but offline as well. People take mental note of a website they have had a good experience with. They also take note of a website they have a bad experience with. Reputation is everything, and most businesses can’t afford to give people a bad experience, digital or otherwise.

7.) Social media referrals are on mobile.

Most of your links you find with apps on mobile device are clicked and viewed on the same mobile device. 91% of mobile internet usage is used for social activity. As social media continues to grow and evolve, statics show that mobile is where the trend is going to stay. At least for the foreseeable future. If you business is or ever wants to engage in the social media audience, (Not that you really have a choice in today's age) then you can see why responsive web design is important

8.) Gives you a chance to start over.

If you are ready to get your website "mobile friendly". Then it’s time to consider redesigning your existing website. It is a perfect time to get the look and feel that professionally represents your Brand.

If you need assistance or have further questions please feel free to contact us.